What is Digital Wellbeing?


For the past decade digital devices have become ingrained in our lives. From work to play, we depend on these devices to live. Although technology has greatly advanced us as a society, it has equally had a negative impacted on our mental and physical health. Just as technology continues to evolve, we too must adapt to a find a healthy way of living harmoniously with our digital devices.

Digital Wellbeing is a term that has become increasingly popular over the past few years, as we as a society look for ways to support and safely digest our digital consumption.

It refers to the awareness and understanding of the positive and negative effects the digital world can have on our mental and physical state.

It also identifies the resources we can use to improve and manage our wellbeing on a personal, societal, and organisation level. Meaning not only do we on a personal level, but organisations and companies have a responsibility to ensure those who engage with their digital devices do so in a way that elevates their digital wellbeing.

Why is digital wellbeing so important?

We think taking care of your mental and physical health when using devices should be a top priority. Not only will it improve your wellbeing and overall mood, but it can also greatly enhance your online productivity, as well as your physical health.

Our top 3 digital wellbeing tips

Firstly, your skin. Not many people realise this, but your skin is also greatly affected by your screen time. Due to the high energy level of the blue light wavelengths emmitted from your screens, they can cause cell damage, resulting in premature ageing and pigmentation.

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Secondly, your sleep. Looking at screens all day, particularly before bed, can greatly impact your sleep. Due to blue lights short wavelengths and high energy, it delays the release of melatonin in the body, which is a sleep-inducing hormone that allows us to wind down and fall asleep, as well as enjoy deeper and longer periods of rest.

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And lastly, your stress levels. There is not surprise that looking at a screen all day, whether it be for work or for fun, can cause your stress levels to increase, resulting in headaches and issues with concentration.

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The world is only getting more technologically advances, and we are only getting more digitally dependant. Let’s face it, there is no escaping the use of devices in our day-to-day routines. This is why it is so vital we learn to implement healthy habits and resources that enhance our digital wellbeing.

There are many ways to start your digital wellbeing journey, and to make it even easier we have done the research and a created a variety of products in our Wellbeing range that will greatly enhance your digital experience. From supporting your skin, eyes, and sleep to reducing your overall stress levels, there is no better time to start your digital wellbeing journey today.

Our Wellbeing range

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