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Not your average frames (The nerdy bit that sets us apart).

The Technology Behind

Not your average frames (The nerdy bit that sets us apart).
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Blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum that can be seen by the human eye. Its wavelengths range between 380nm to 500nm, making it one of the shortest and highest-energy wavelengths. Sources of blue light include the sun, digital screens (like smartphones, tablets, and computers), electronic devices, and LED lighting.

Understanding the effects of blue light:

  1. Digital Screens and Blue Light: In today's digital age, we spend a significant amount of time looking at screens. These digital devices emit significant amounts of blue light, especially compared to other colours.
  2. Effects on Sleep: Exposure to excessive blue light, especially during the evening, can disrupt the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep. As a result, it may interfere with our natural sleep-wake cycle, leading to problems like insomnia.
  3. Eye Strain and Discomfort: Prolonged exposure to blue light can lead to digital eye strain, with symptoms like dry eyes, headaches, and blurred vision. This is commonly referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome.
  4. Potential Retinal Damage: There's ongoing research into the long-term effects of blue light. Some studies suggest that excessive exposure might damage retinal cells, potentially leading to age-related macular degeneration.

Many of us know the discomfort that comes from too much blue light exposure. For the desk-bound professional, it's the fatigue and irritation of the eyes, a result of long hours staring at screens in stark office lighting. And for those who relax with games or binge-watching their favourite series, it’s that nagging sleeplessness that lingers at bedtime.

But there's a solution: Baxter Blue's Blue Light glasses. Our collection offers glasses tailored to manage blue light during the day and our Sleep Glasses to shield you from its effects during the evenings. For daytime, choose our blue light filtering glasses. And when night falls, rely on our premium glasses Sleep Glasses that block out the melatonin disrupting blue light. Protect your eyes, and rest better with Baxter Blue's range of premium Blue Light Glasses.

Blue light glasses are designed to block or filter out blue light. They have special lenses that can reduce the amount of blue light that enters our eyes. Some glasses use a special coating on the lenses, while others use a specific type of lens material that can block or filter out blue light. Baxter Blue have a range of blue light glasses that Blue+ ™ technology goes deeper. Unlike our competitors, our blue light filter is not a surface layer or coating and have a blue light pigment technology embedded right into the lens, filtering out as much as 80% of the highest energy wavelengths known to cause digital-eye-strain.

Blue light glasses function by reducing specific wavelengths of blue light emitted by screens and modern lighting. Daytime computer glasses don't entirely block blue light since our body requires some blue light during the day; they simply adjust blue light exposure to natural levels.

Blue light is a hue within the visible spectrum perceptible to the human eye. While sunlight encompasses the complete range of colours - from red to violet - it's the colours towards the spectrum's end, notably blue light (380-500nm), that have shorter wavelengths and thus emit greater energy.

Digital Eye Strain refers to eye strain that results from looking at digital screens for extended periods.

For many, staring at digital screens such as laptops and tablets, is inevitable due to their professional career. Students who also use computers frequently will be more susceptible to digital eye strain.

People blink less when staring at screens, which could be the leading cause of digital eye strain. Other causes may include the following:

1/ Poor lighting 2/ Excessive screen time 3/ Screen glare or reflection 4/ Poor sitting posture 5/ Devices with poor contrast 6/ An improper viewing distance

Digital eye strain symptoms include eye fatigue, red eyes, headaches, dry eyes, sore eyes, itchy eyes, tired eyes, and neck and shoulder pain.

There are some simple ways to reduce your exposure to blue light before it causes severe damage to your eyes. You can limit your screen time in the evening to give your eyes a break from the bright light. Install an application that filters blue light on your digital devices.

Another option is blocking blue light with protective eyewear. Baxter Blue provides high-quality blue light glasses that help ease symptoms of digital eye strain. Our blue light–filtering glasses offer a protective lens to protect the eye against harmful light.

Our lenses can filter 80% of blue light and eliminate glare to reduce digital strain. Help eliminate computer vision syndrome symptoms and increase your productivity levels with blue light computer glasses.

Baxter reading glasses with blue light filters are available if you have trouble reading fine print. They are ideal for people who need to wear prescription glasses with strengths of +0.5 to +2.0.

The ideal time to wear blue light glasses is during activities that expose you to blue light. This primarily includes:

  • Digital Device Use: Wear them while working on computers, watching TV, using smartphones, or playing video games.
  • Indoor Settings: Especially in environments with LED or fluorescent lighting which emit a significant amount of blue light.
  • Late Evening & Night: To ensure better sleep quality, wear them a few hours before bedtime to prevent blue light from affecting melatonin production.

Blue light–blocking glasses are for anyone who spends hours looking at digital screens. They are especially helpful to people who experience digital eye strain symptoms, such as headaches, sore eyes, or blurred vision.

These glasses are also suitable for those who struggle to fall asleep or have insomnia. Results from a small trial show that wearing amber-tinted blue light–blocking lenses two hours before bedtime can improve sleep quality for people with insomnia.

Our expansive collection of Blue+™ blue light glasses can reduce digital eye strain symptoms and eliminate glare. Besides enhancing your digital viewing, our glasses will help improve the health and well-being of your greatest assets—your eyes, mind, and body.

Baxter Blue technology is beyond surface layer and coating. We use blue light pigment technology integrated into the lens to block up to 80% of the highest energy wavelengths.

We also have a wide selection of styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for classic frames or something more modern, we have you covered.

Looking for the ultimate sleep mask? Introducing the Baxter Blue Sleep Mask, expertly crafted to promote deeper, more rejuvenating rest. This sleep mask doesn’t just ensure a peaceful night by blocking out 100% of ambient light but also prioritises your comfort.

Our mask's gentle fabric is skin-friendly, ensuring a soft touch for every skin type. Dive into dreams with the cushiony embrace of its deep memory foam padding, designed to minimise disruptions during your slumber. Adjustability? We’ve got you covered. Our easily adjustable strap lets you customise the fit, contouring perfectly to your head for maximum comfort. With the Baxter Blue Sleep Mask, beauty sleep is just a blink away.

Looking for the best ear plugs for noise reduction? Baxter Blue's premium silicone ear plugs are crafted with your comfort and peace of mind in mind. Designed for superior noise reduction across various settings, these soft and hypoallergenic ear plugs are perfect for ensuring serenity during sleep, travel, work, study, concerts, and sports events. Enjoy unparalleled comfort and block out unwanted noise with Baxter Blue's silicone ear plugs – your ideal companion in a noisy world.

Discover the relief of our Heated Neck Wrap, a premium heat pack designed to combat inflammation and stiffness. Whether you know it as a heat pack or a neck wrap, this essential tool effectively eases sore and stressed muscles.

By harnessing the power of heat, our heat pack not only relaxes and loosens tight muscles but also boosts blood circulation. Experience immediate relief from the day's tension and immerse yourself in soothing warmth. Search no further for the ultimate solution to muscle discomfort.

Using a laptop stand not only elevates your screen to eye level but also plays a crucial role in reducing strain on your neck and shoulders. Unlike the common posture of tilting one's head down to view the laptop screen, a raised position can:

  • Reduce Neck and Shoulder Strain: Maintaining eye-level screen viewing minimises discomfort.
  • Promote Healthy Posture: Ensuring you sit upright, the laptop stand aids in keeping your posture correct and comfortable.
  • Enhance Productivity: A comfortable position can significantly increase your focus and efficiency.

For the ultimate ergonomic setup, pair your laptop stand with a wireless keyboard. This combination will further alleviate any built-up tension from prolonged laptop use, ensuring you make the most out of your workday.

Reading glasses are specialised eyewear designed specifically to help individuals focus on close-up tasks, such as reading, using a smartphone, or any other activity that requires near vision clarity. As we age, our eyes naturally lose some of their ability to focus on close objects, a condition known as presbyopia. Reading glasses offer a simple and effective solution to this common challenge. By enhancing close-up vision, they not only improve the clarity of words and images but also reduce eye strain and fatigue often associated with prolonged near tasks. Whether you're diving into your favourite book, browsing through a magazine, or checking messages on your phone, reading glasses can provide the visual support you need to enjoy these activities with comfort and ease.

Whether or not you need reading glasses largely depends on your visual comfort and clarity, particularly when focusing on close-up objects or reading small print. As we age, our eyes naturally lose some of their ability to focus on nearby objects, a condition called presbyopia. Common indicators that you might benefit from reading glasses include:

  • Needing to hold books or digital devices further away to read clearly.
  • Experiencing blurred vision at a normal reading distance.
  • Suffering from eye fatigue or headaches after reading for extended periods.

However, it's essential to consult with an eye care professional to determine the right prescription and type of reading glasses suited to your needs. Remember that self-diagnosing or selecting reading glasses without a professional's advice might not provide optimal vision and can sometimes exacerbate vision problems.

For those looking to optimise their vision, especially in our digital age where screen time is prevalent, the proper pair of reading glasses can make a significant difference. Regular eye check-ups are recommended for everyone, regardless of age, to monitor and maintain eye health.

Note: It's always best to consult with an optometrist or ophthalmologist if you experience any vision changes or discomfort.

If you’ve ever found yourself squinting at your computer screen or rubbing tired eyes after hours of scrolling on your smartphone, you might have felt the effects of prolonged blue light exposure. With more of us spending time in front of screens than ever before, it’s crucial to understand the potential impacts of blue light and how Baxter Blue's blue light Reading Glasses can help.

The benefits of Baxter Blue's Reading Glasses:

  1. Reduced Eye Strain: Baxter Blue's reading glasses are designed to filter out a 80 percent of blue light from reaching your eyes. By doing so, they reduce the chances of experiencing the symptoms associated with CVS.
  2. Better Sleep Patterns: By wearing our glasses, especially during the evening, you can help your body maintain its natural sleep-wake cycle. With reduced blue light exposure in the evening, you'll likely find it easier to drift into a deep, restful sleep.
  3. Enhanced Comfort: Our glasses aren’t just functional; they’re comfortable and stylish. Crafted to suit a variety of face shapes and personal styles, you can wear them confidently throughout the day.
  4. Magnification Options: For those who need a little reading assistance, we offer magnification options that combine the benefits of reading glasses with blue light protection.
  5. Improved Focus and Productivity: With reduced eye strain and fatigue, you'll find it easier to concentrate on tasks, enhancing overall productivity.

Baxter Blue’s blue light reading glasses offer a perfect blend of style, comfort, and protection, ensuring that you can enjoy your screen time without compromising on your well-being.


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