Why Do People Use Laptop Stands?


‘Why do people use laptop stands?’ You wouldn’t be the first person to ask this question.

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, you’ve probably noticed that laptop stands are everywhere these days - and for good reason. These handy desktop tools offer a range of benefits to boost your digital wellbeing and support your productivity.

Though if you're still in the dark, wondering ‘why do people use laptop stands?’, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ve covered everything you need to know about laptop stands - find out more below.

What Is A Laptop Stand?

Let’s begin with the basics - what is a laptop stand, exactly?

A laptop stand is a small desktop device used to position and elevate your laptop so it meets your eye level. This simple adjustment offers a range of benefits to support digital wellbeing - such as reducing neck and back pain, increasing typing ergonomics, reducing screen glare, and more.

These small devices are often light and compact, and are available in a variety of materials and designs - so, it’s easy to find a laptop stand that best suits your interior design and workflow.

Why Do People Use Laptop Stands?

So, why do people use laptop stands? We’ve listed the benefits of using a laptop stand below, ranging from productivity to ergonomic advantages - check it out.

1. Better Typing Ergonomics
One of the core reasons to start using a laptop stand is to increase your typing ergonomics.

You’ll often find that the flat keyboards on most laptops aren’t very ergonomic, and it can be difficult to find a comfortable spot to work. Over time, this can trigger cramping and tension in your hands and wrists and potentially carpal tunnel syndrome in the long run.

Laptop stands allow you to attach an external keyboard without needing to push the screen back. This new, comfortable position allows you to get more done over longer periods.

2. Reduces Neck & Back Pain
Another great benefit of using a laptop stand is that it can help reduce back and neck pain.

If you’ve noticed that your back or neck becomes stiff while working, it’s probably because you’re not sitting correctly. When we sit at a standard desk with a laptop, the spine tends to bend to an unhealthy degree - causing this tightness.

By bringing your computer to eye-level, a laptop stand moves your body upright into an ergonomic position to straighten the neck and stop hunching while you work.

3. Reduces Screen Glare
If you’ve noticed your eyes tiring or hurting after hours on your laptop, it’s probably due to glare from your screen.

Fortunately, laptop stands can help with this too. These humble devices allow you to readjust your screen angle to eliminate screen glare and prevent eye strain - so you can make the most from your work day.

4. Stops Laptop From Overheating
Aside from the ergonomic and health benefits, laptop stands can also be practical for your computer’s performance and lifespan.

For example, using a laptop stand can stop your computer from overheating. By using your laptop on a flat surface, you're not providing sufficient airflow to your computer. This means that it struggles to cool down, which can cause damage and reduce processing power.

Laptop stands can help by raising it off the desk and providing adequate airflow to improve overall performance.

5. Protect From Spills
Especially if you’re guilty of spilling your morning coffee across your desk from time to time, it might be worth investing in a laptop stand.

When your laptop is securely fastened to the laptop stand, it’s much less likely to experience any external damage - such as spillage.

Preventing this damage in the first place is much easier than trying to fix it when the problem arrives.

6. Increase Productivity
When it comes to boosting your productivity at work, one of the easiest things you can do is to start using a laptop stand.

Without a laptop stand, the stress put on your body from poor posture and eye strain can cause your productivity to stall.

Since laptop stands can lessen back pain and eliminate eye strain, you’ll have more digital endurance to get the most from your day in the most comfortable way possible.

Are Laptop Stands Worth it?
At this point, you might be wondering - are laptop stands worth it?

Yes, laptop stands are definitely worth the price. Laptop stands offer a wide range of benefits to your health and productivity - helping you to increase your workflow without compromising your digital wellbeing. Because of this, laptop stands are worth purchasing.

Just be sure to choose a sturdy laptop stand made from quality materials. Also, it needs to fit your laptop and be comfortable to use for long periods of time. Your laptop stand will stick around for the long haul if it meets these key points.


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