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Jordan Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Crystal


Pay in 4 installments of $30 with

Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Less headaches & sore eyes

Filter blue light from screens

Virtually clear lens

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Designed to be worn when the sun goes down, our Blue Light Blocking Sleep lenses block 100% of the blue and green light wavelengths, boosting evening melatonin production for improved sleep.

Classy / Sophisticated / The savvy intellectual

The Fit:

Medium/Large in structure, this style of blue light blocking Sleep Glasses is especially well suited to Oval, Round and Heart shaped faces - A classy and sophisticated frame.

The Lenses:

Our Sleep Blue+ red lenses block 100% of blue and green light from 400nm to 550nm, boosting your evening melatonin production. Backed by science these are the most optimal glasses for achieving deep and restorative sleep.

The Benefits:

Improves quality of sleep and promotes melatonin production



The Baxter Blue standard. Every pair features our Blue+ ™ light filtering lenses, anti-reflective coating, and UV protection. All you need to do is find your frame. And then rock it.

Blue+ ™ lens
Eliminates Glare
Filters Blue Light
Sleep Lens

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Jordan Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Crystal - $120

Jordan Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Crystal - $120

Jordan Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Crystal - $120


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