The Baxter Blue Difference

Fashionable and functional - we now have you covered inside and outside!

Our range of blue light glasses alleviate the symptoms of digital eye strain by filtering out blue light and eliminating glare. Our sunglasses have advanced polarisation and blue light filtering capabilities giving you maximum visual clarity outdoors.

Our Blue+ lenses are the solution your eyes have been crying out for, filtering out 50% of the most harmful blue violet light (400nm-440nm) whilst allowing the 'good blue light' to enter the eye.

Our Blue+ lenses are virtually clear with a very subtle tint (hardly noticeable when worn) and combined with one of our stylish frames, you have protective eyewear you will be happy to wear anywhere!

With a premium anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and provide better contrast when viewing your digital screens – wearing a pair of Baxter's will make it even easier to enjoy Netflix, read the news or check your emails.

  • Filter out Blue Light

  • Eliminate glare

  • Block UV light

  • Virtually clear lens

  • Fashionable frames

With advanced polarisation, 100% protection from UVA & UVB rays, blue light filtering and an anti-reflective coating our sunglasses will give you enhanced outdoor visual clarity like no other.

What's so special about polarised lenses? Put simply, our polarised sunglasses eliminate glare making it easy to see in sunny conditions and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Glare distorts the true colour of objects and makes them harder to distinguish however with a pair of our polarised sunglasses you see colours in their true form.

  • Polarised Lenses

  • Blocks UV Rays

  • Filters out Blue Light

  • Reduce Glare

  • Visual Clarity