The Top Eyeglasses Trends for 2022


The best part about glasses is that they are not only functional, but they can also help you to make a serious fashion statement.

They allow you to spice up any outfit and really bring out your personality. Whether it be the shape, colour or material, glasses can take you on a journey back in time, or even make you feel modern and chic.

With many of us working from home, glasses are the perfect accessory to look your best in every zoom meeting. So, to make sure you’re ahead of the game, here are the top eyewear trends for this year!

1/ Cat Eye

Cat eye frames are back and are a style that will suit just about any face shape. The triangular tips look great on everyone, but especially those with a strongly defined jaw. They are fun and playful – give them a go to show off your creativity and simultaneous class.

2/ Clear glasses

The ‘Clean’ look is trendy across social media at the moment and nothing says clean quite like clear glasses. They complement any face shape and complexion and make you feel refreshed and productive. Our Lane and Wells styles in crystal will give you the clear glasses trend and comfort at the same time.

3/ Tortoise Shell

The tortoise Shell pattern is incredibly trendy this year, with most eyewear companies having it in all their frame shapes and styles. They are creative enough to not be generic but not to wild that you no longer feel professional. Despite the eyewear being patterned, they manage to suit just about anything you’re wearing as well. Our Frankie’s, Georgie’s and Lola’s all come in a range of tortoise shell patterns for you to choose from.

4/ Square Thick Framed

This style graced us in the 1970s but is back again. Originally liked for their durability and sturdiness these classics are now the fashion statement of 2022. The Billie’s in Gloss Black are the perfect pair of these to ensure you are on trend whilst paying homage to the 70s.

5/ Wire Frame Glasses

This style has a delicacy to it and give the allusion of a nakedness to the eyewear and face. The only downfall to these glasses is that they cannot hold all prescription lenses because of the weight. But overall super trendy and simple.

6/ Vintage Style Aviators

These glasses are very old-school with a modern touch. They are retro and oversized, and a very maximalised style. Baxter Blue’s Jaspers are a perfect representation of this style.

7/ Fully Rounded

These glasses have a boldness and elegance to them and are great for oval and rectangular face shapes. If you want a more retro look, opt for a larger, more oversized, rounded frame.

7/ Eco Friendly Eyewear

In a world of fast fashion, the most responsible way to buy clothes and accessories is to buy sustainably and eco-friendly. We recommend opting for a recyclable option that is biodegradable as a small step in helping our Earth.

Staying on trend can be confusing and hard to keep up with. We hope that through these tips you can remain stylish, whilst ensuring your eyes remain healthy in this highly digital world.


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