Sydney, Australia

Wake up and meditate, start working around 7.30am. I always love to do a gym class at 9.30am to break up my day. Then after that its back to work which I usually try and force myself to finish around 5pm and then cook dinner for my fiancé and I so we can  start winding down by 7.30pm for bed

My Nonna. The strongest most positive person I know. She is currently 98 yrs old and still lives by her self. Her sense of life and gratitude is just amazing!

My biggest highlight has been getting engaged! I would also say leaving my café job and creating a life I want to live!

This year I have learnt just how important it is to have me-time. I used to never put myself first and worry about everyone else which just ended up triggering my anxiety but since making time for myself to do something that makes me feel amazing… Most of the time it’s dancing around the house I have noticed a massive difference in my mindset, productivity and just overall health.

Getting stuck in your 9-5 just because you’re comfortable isn’t always the right thing to do. We only live one life so why not do what you are passionate about and create a life that you want to brag to your kids about!  I would suggest writing down your missions, priorities, core values and goals so that you have a clear picture of what it is that you want to do. From there keep working hard and stay committed and watch everything fall into place

Barefoot Investor because I want to know what all the fuss is about!

Oh my perfect Saturday night is definitely spending it with my Fiancé and two animals, cooking up a yummy dinner and watching a movie or tv series. 

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