Perth, Western Australia

Everyday looks a little different, depending what client content I am working on. Some days I am in meetings and client consults, other days it is a full day in front of my laptop, writing, planning and creating content. My job requires me to be very connected to technology and social media at all times, so every single day includes A LOT of laptop and phone time. Thank god for my Baxter’s – they have honestly been a game changer for me.

Professionally, the biggest highlight would have to be the insane growth of my business. I think back to this time last year, when Eloise Smith VA was just a side hustle and now I am not only doing this thing full-time, but I am fully booked months ahead. Which is just crazy! My business has evolved a lot and I’m feeling more and more aligned with the direction it is heading in, every day. I am so grateful that taking the leap of faith to go into biz full-time has well and truly paid off. Although it is a lot of hard work and can be stressful at times, I’m so much happier working for myself than I ever was (or could be) working for someone else.

Personally, the biggest highlight of 2019 was holidaying and spending time in Byron Bay. I have had Byron on my bucket list for so long and my partner and I finally got there in March. We got a taste of the #vanlife when we hired a van, made our way down from Brisbane and parked up in different campsites every night. I am a free-spirit at heart so it was a breath of fresh air. Byron was  honestly even better than I expected and I cannot wait to go back there again. I felt like it was home.

By far my biggest challenge and lesson has been around self-care and finding a healthy work/life balance. I am still not there yet. This year has definitely been the most stressful of my life and it has taken its toll on me, physically and mentally. I have let work take priority over my own wellbeing and it’s now got to a point where my body is manifesting the stress physically. This has made me really take a good look at how I am managing my time and where I need to make changes. My health and wellness has been on the back burner for way too long and honestly, without looking after ourselves first, how on earth can we show up for anyone else. Whether it is our partner, family, clients or friends. So my biggest lesson has been to not take my health for granted and to look after number 1 first.

I find my inspiration from so many places - the people around me, family, friends, social media, books, podcasts and Mother Nature. I am really inspired by other women in business. I love seeing people kicking their goals, but most importantly living out their purpose. When someone talks about something they are passionate about and their whole body lights up, the eyes sparkle and their energy is high vibing, that is what I find inspirational!

I’m definitely no expert at this but something I have started doing is scheduling in time for ME during my work day as if it is another meeting or client appointment. If I don’t have it scheduled in my calendar I will not prioritise it. I would just continue to work through and not take any breaks. I have also starting implementing a no phone in the bedroom rule. I put my phone in another room an hour before I go to bed and read in bed instead of mindlessly scrolling. It’s helping me to switch off and reading means I am actually focusing on something other than work.

Currently reading Emma Issacs ‘ Winging it’ and loving it! And I am always watching reality tv. Bachie, MAFS, The Block and Love Island are my guilty pleasures. Loves me some mindless viewing haha.